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Steam Generators - Bono Energia

The design of the steam generators, ranging from 0,3 t/h to 200 t/h of steam production, is fully carried out by the Italian technical department that provides mechanical, electrical, automation and process design. Local projects managers take care of the hole job, from the very beginning of the project till the delivery of the plant, in fully cooperation with the customer. Robust design, high energy efficiency, ultra low emissions, easy operation are the main features of these boilers.

Fire Tube Boilers
Fire Tube boilers

Due to their efficiency and reliability, more then 10,000 industrial boilers and thermal plants are word wide installed in a wide range of industrial processes and heating applications (continuous or batch production). Details

Water tube boilers

Water Tube Boilers

Clajtub water tube type steam generators (CT series) are the result of over 40 years experience of Bono Energia in industrial, petrochemical and power generation applications. Details

High efficiency boilers

High Efficiency Boilers

With the application of innovative heat recovery systems, specifically engineered for the efficient production of steam, HE Smart generators reach a guaranteed thermal efficiency up to 98%. Details

Flash coil boilers Flash Coil - Instant Boilers

Steam generators of the UM (Uni Matic) series, available both in vertical and horizontal version, guarantee a steam production range between 300 and 3000 kg/h with a design pressure up to 12 bar (higher on request). Details