• Extra-Large Plant for Just-In-Time

Cannon Maersk

The request for large foam -insulated sandwich panels is on the rise in Europe, and Polyurethane’s characteristics perfectly match the processing difficulties linked with these huge elements. A Cannon - Manni foaming plant has just been delivered in Europe to produce very large building panels in a “just in time” sequence, according to the method used to assemble the final building.

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    Novel mixing heads for Pipe-in-Pipe insulation process

    Cannon has been successfully testing an innovative high pressure mixing head, specifically designed for pipe-in-pipe insulation in continuous/discontinuous foaming production processes. The special requirements of this application meant the need for the development of a completely new mixing head in order to meet specific and severe technical requirements. Its compactness and its slim curved shape characterize the new Cannon Zeta high pressure mixing head. It is important to note that the head’s thickness is only comprised in less then 25 mm! This is necessary to enable it to be inserted through the cavity generated from the coaxial feeding of the steel service pipe with the extruded high-density polyethylene external pipe. Both tubes run in the same direction at the same speed.

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    Innovative Equipment for Automotive Seat Production

    Cannon have developed complete systems for the manufacture of molded polyurethane automotive seating elements made with varying combinations of several raw materials. The resultant cushions – although produced in a random sequence on the same molding line - are characterized by mechanical properties tailored to the specific application of each part. This paper describes the components of this technology: * dedicated multi-component, high-pressure metering machines with closed-loop control of both the output and pour pressures * dedicated mixing heads capable of processing six components (all with high-pressure recirculation), including low-viscosity TDI-based isocyanates and water-based additives * dedicated mold-handling systems for a flexible manufacturing concept based on just-in-time methods.

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    Innovative Solutions for Refrigerator Manufacturing

    The introduction of innovative methods - Cannon's Rotoplug and Drum systems - for the production of foamed refrigerator cabinets and doors in the mid-'80s allowed for a radical change in the manufacture of domestic refrigerators and freezers. Following the wide commercial success which derived, Cannon have continued to improve their range of solutions to better fit the technical and economical needs of a larger number of producers. The paper describes the latest developments in this area, including a new version of the Rotoplug - a multi-plug fixture allowing for zero-time-plug-change foaming cycle - and the latest versions of the Drum foaming machine for doors.


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    Sandwich Panels: Innovative Manufacturing Solutions using Vacuum-assisted Foam Injection

    A new method for foaming large insulation panels has been developed and jointly patented by MISA (a large Italian panel manufacturer), Cannon (the foaming machine producer) and Manni (the polymerization press manufacturer). Its functioning concept relies on the controlled application of vacuum into the polymerization cavity of the press. A proper design of the inner press' adjustment mechanisms guarantees optimum efficiency and constant results. An industrial production of more than 500 high-quality panels per day has been achieved during 1999, with significant savings in raw materials and a dramatic improvement of the working place cleanness.


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    Latest developments in machinery for gasketing and casting for roller-blades wheels.

    Cannon started their Polyurethane dosing unit production with low pressure machines performing all traditional technologies where Polyurethanes were involved. Switching in the early ‘70s to high pressure technology, Cannon have become a leader of this technology, but also went on developing the low pressure series of machines, especially in the direction of low output applications. In Cannon production range today is possible to find low pressure low output machines for different specific applications. The basic model is the B2 machine, a low pressure metering unit with electronic process control. These peculiar technologies required specific performances not only related to very low outputs, but also involving new materials which are definitely different from traditional Polyurethanes. The main special applications where these unit are used for are: * air filters for automotive industry; * industrial gaskets; * slat filling; * elastomer parts. This paper focuses on the development of dedicated equipment for gaskets and cast-elastomer wheels.