• Extra-Large Plant for Just-In-Time

Cannon Maersk

The request for large foam -insulated sandwich panels is on the rise in Europe, and Polyurethane’s characteristics perfectly match the processing difficulties linked with these huge elements. A Cannon - Manni foaming plant has just been delivered in Europe to produce very large building panels in a “just in time” sequence, according to the method used to assemble the final building.

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    Achievements In Spray Skin Technology

    Cannon has been very active in the development of dedicated solutions for using spray formulations for the manufacture of Skin parts for Automotive Interiors.

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    Multi-Component Mixing Head for “Foamed In-Place” Gaskets

    The paper describes the recent developments - both technical and commercial - implemented by Cannon in the Gasketing Technology.

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    Recent developments introduced to the AX multi-components mixing head

    The paper describes the innovative modifications being introduced to the mixing head design in order to meet the needs of the car seat producers who wish to mould TDI and MDI-based foams thus allowing them to work with the maximum formulation flexibility. The AX mixing head is able to process six components in different combinations and with full high-pressure re-circulation of each component. The new AX version gives the possibility to increase the throughputs and viscosity of the components fed via the two axial streams.

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    Innovative filler injection system for powdered recycled Urethane

    Cannon has developed, in cooperation with Mobius Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of recycling processes, the equipment to meter and mix a three-component slurry. High-solid-content slurry, obtained by blending ultrafine PU powder in non-catalysed Polyol as the carrier, is fed as a third stream at low-medium pressure to a mixing head via the axial port of the mixing chamber originally used for metering colour paste. The recycling kit, dedicated dosing unit, and mixing head can be added to any existing high-pressure machine as a retrofit. This new technology not only gives to the producer the possibility to recycle pulverized PU; a number of solid fillers - such as graphite, melamine, alumina - can be fed and mixed into polyurethane “in line” as well. This paper describes the results of the trials held in Cannon Afros Lab on flexible moulded foam containing recycled PU powder, in cooperation with Mobius.

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    Industrial Developments in Co-injection-long fibre Technology

    Thanks to its superior fibre-wetting performances and in-mould blend-distribution the Cannon version of the co-injection/long fibre injection technology - named InterWet - improves both manufacturing performances and mechanical properties of molded parts. In addition to using glass-fiber roving it allows for the use of other reinforcing fibers (natural and synthetic) and opens the way to the easy addition of powder and granulate fillers. The paper describes the latest developments occurred during 1999. Improved glass-feeding and blend-dispersing devices, significant industrial applications, interesting developments deriving from this new technology