• Extra-Large Plant for Just-In-Time

Cannon Maersk

The request for large foam -insulated sandwich panels is on the rise in Europe, and Polyurethane’s characteristics perfectly match the processing difficulties linked with these huge elements. A Cannon - Manni foaming plant has just been delivered in Europe to produce very large building panels in a “just in time” sequence, according to the method used to assemble the final building.

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    Cannon V.A.I.: Vacuum-Assisted Injection Technology

    Cannon announces the first industrial mass production of domestic refrigerators manufactured with the new Cannon V.A.I. technology, a vacuum-assisted injection method specifically developed for the production of white cold appliances. An injection method introduced in 1998 - applying vacuum into the mould cavity where insulated sandwich panels are manufactured with the discontinuous production process - the Vacuum Assisted Injection has now successfully been applied to the geometrically complex design of domestic refrigerators. A partnership with Dow allowed for the development of PASCAL™, an innovative technological solution that draws new frontiers in the production of refrigerators.

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    Developments in Processing Equipment and Techniques

    This paper was presented during the opening session of the Utech 2012 Technical Conference in Maastricht, Holland, to resume the history of the first 75 years of Polyurethane processing technology. A complex history, made by brilliant individuals and structured companies - many of which have disappeared or merged, leaving very little memory of their past work – that, with their ingenious solutions and personal efforts have significantly contributed to the development of the Polyurethane industry.

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    Innovative Method for the Production of Structural Elements for the Construction Industry

    An innovative method for the manufacture of large decorative ceramic tiles has been developed in Italy by System, Fiorano Modenese. Large, monolithic porcelain gres tiles that can measure up to 3,600 x 1,200 x 3.5 mm can now be manufactured with outstanding mechanical and aspect properties. These huge stone slabs are used as internal and external decorations for skyscrapers, factories, showrooms, hospitals and other residential or commercial buildings. 

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    SoliSpray for innovative automotive Dash Insulators

    The automotive industry increasingly requires superior noise insulation solutions to provide vehicles which must be acoustically comfortable and - at the same time - of lightweight and with ample spaces in the passenger's compartment. This article describes two applications for SoliSpray, the new Cannon technology for spraying highly-filled PUR formulations, developed for the manufacture of the Dash Insulator, a large element placed under the instrument panel.