AMEC - Boiler Emissions Monitoring System


AMEC - Boiler Emissions Monitoring System

Cannon Automata AMEC is an emission analysis and monitoring system for industrial application integrating data filing , processing and representing according to the applicable law requirments.
The analyser is based on the INFRACELL measuring cell, that is a static infra-red sensor with NDIR technology performing CO, CO2, measures; O2 ed NO are measured by additional electrochemical cells.
The metrolgic accurancy and repeatibility of the measuring cells are certified by international recognized Third Parties (TÜV – PTB).

AMEC is equipped with an embedded flue gas treatment system allowing precise and reliable long lasting measures and data collection.

AMEC is installed in a metallic housing easily transportable, containing the sampling system, the analysis section, and the data processing and filing support. The analyser is designed to be equipped with and optional LCD sreen for data visualization.AMEC provides flue gas temperature input port and zirconium oxide O2 probe input.AMEC diagnostic software manages all necessary information to allow effective preventive maintenance, combustion efficiency enahancement and operation cost saving. AMEC can monitor 4 boilers.

Misure Gas

  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  • O2 Oxigen
  • NO Nitrogen Monoxinide
  • Flue gas temperature.

Actual law requirements, D .M. 21 December 1995, D.P.C.M. 8 March 2002 and D.M. 3 April 2006, foresee that combustion plants rated more than 1,5 MW shall be equipped with emission monitoring system measuring and reporting flue gas pollutants concentration.