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Carbon Fiber Recycling - Cresim Project

The CRESIM project is an innovative pilot process for the production of CFRP Composites from Recycled Carbon Fibre.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP, or CF for Carbon Fiber) are used in several applications from the industrial sector to aerospace and sports & leisure goods for their unique combination of low weight, strength and rigidity. The use of CF Composites in structural parts has indeed many advantages, such as weight reductions of more than 40% and estimated greenhouse-gas emission reductions of 20%.

The CRESIM project, Carbon Fiber Recycling Through Special Impregnation, co-funded by EU and Cannon, is aimed to demonstrate and tune an innovative pilot process for the production of CFRP composites from recycled carbon fiber, since the land filling of carbon fiber’s scraps is going to be forbidden in many European countries while the production cost of brand new carbon fiber is still rather high (35-50 €/Kg).

This project aims at showing how lightweight composites, mainly recycled from cars and aerospace parts, can be suitable for different applications, including automotive, public transportation vehicles, sport and leisure equipment, all using a cost-saving technology for reimpregnation and a very fast demoulding.

This pioneering solution combines a series of technologies already tested in a pre-industrial prototype plant, and will bridge the gap to full market uptake.

Visit the Cannon-CRESIM website to discover more about the project