He Smart

High efficiency boiler He Smart control system

High Efficiency Boilers

Energy efficiency is the key to reduce the production costs in industrial processes, transforming the environmental challenge into a growing opportunity. The first step to increase energy efficiency is to reduce of the quantity of fuel for steam production.

BONO ENERGIA has always focused on offering innovative products. With the new HE Smart steam generators, BONO ENERGIA brings triple innovation to the world of industrial boilers, offering a new series oriented to saving energy, simplifying process control, and maintaining safety of the plant.

With the application of innovative heat recovery systems, specifically engineered for the efficient production of steam, HE Smart generators reach a guaranteed thermal efficiency up to 98%. It is therefore easy to understand the real fuel savings that can be achieved compared to more standard solutions. This advantage is even higher when HE Smart generators replace older units. Existing generators currently installed throughout the world are working with thermal efficiency ranging from 85% to 90%.

In this scenario, the installation of an HE Smart boiler can generate fuel savings of up to 13%, ensuring a very fast return on investment. Fuel savings equate to lower CO2 emissions from combustion and the possibility to access different incentive schemes for increasing efficiency or reducing pollution.

In addition to the very high efficiency, HE Smart generators are also able to guarantee NOx emissions below 80 mg/Nm3 when firing natural gas (40 ppm, at 3% of O2), in accordance to the most stringent environmental regulations.