Welcome to Cannon!

Cannon is an international Group supplying worldwide a wide range of industries with dedicated engineering solutions. Founded in the early 1960's to manufacture dispensing machines for Polyurethane foams, Cannon has soon reached - and maintained - the leading position in its market and extended its field of activities to other fast-growing sectors of the industry. Diversifying into synergistic fields - within and outside the plastics processing technologies - Cannon offer today a wide series of products and services to the industrial manufacturers: in addition to a complete range of plants and machines for continuous and discontinuous processing of Polyurethanes and other polymers obtained by chemical reaction (manufactured in Europe, USA, China and Japan) the Group supplies equipment for Thermoforming, Composite Materials, Aluminium Die-casting, Industrial Electronic controls, Industrial Boilers, Thermal Fluid Heaters, Water Treatment plants and solutions for the protection of the Environment

Cannon Group

The range of industry-dedicated solutions available from Cannon grows every year! Main fields of activity are currently Plastics Processing Technologies (for Polyurethanes, Composites and Thermoforming), Steam & Water Solutions, Industrial Electronic Controls. 

Cannon Afros is the Cannon company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sell of dosing unit systems, mixing equipment and other processing technologies for polyurethane.
Cannon Ergos is the plastics engineering solutions specialist in
Automotive, Thermal insulation, Composites, Thermoforming and Aluminium Die – Casting.
Cannon Viking is the leader in the manufacture of machinery for the production of Polyurethane foam blocks.
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Cannon Bono Energia is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, installation, service & maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications.
Cannon Artes Ingegneria is the water and waste water treatment specialist. Artes provides solutions to the most challenging issues in all industrial sectors.
Cannon Bono Sistemi is the expert in the design and production of biomass fired steam generators and thermal fluid heaters.
Cannon Automata is specialised in industrial automation solutions, with a strong focus on Programmable Automation Controller and fieldbus applications.